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Leman Couch

We help you solve the problems getting in the way of your customers purchasing from your business.

Improve your cash flow and get back to scaling your business further than before.

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There’s a difference between chasing money and money making its way to you.
In order to get money flowing into your bank account, you must think outside the box.
Our creative team and digital expertise allow us to do exactly that, create compelling solutions that result in more money appearing in your bank account without you having to lift a finger.

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How Can We Help You?

Getting customers without much effort requires a creative marketing approach, which is where we come in.
We’re that helping hand that helps you cross the threshold to solving the problems your customers face, which your product or service solve.

Fast and secure protection for your online business

Care Plans & Hosting

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Get the people coming to your virtual door ready to buy

Digital Marketing &
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Stuck? Ask and we shall find the answers your questions

Us Anything

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Want to learn how you can fix your customers problems so that they are practically throwing money into your bank account?

enhancing expertise
proposition strategy
target market
goals outcomes
online presence
enhancing expertise

Want to learn how you can fix your customers problems so that they are practically throwing money into your bank account?



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Through our initial Discovery Questionnaire & Video Call, we find which areas are of concern for both you and your customers.

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During our call, we’ll ask questions to understand what elements might be broken. We don’t think in bandaid solutions, we aim to help resolve the situation so that you’ll never face the same problem twice.

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Apply / Action

By our third stage, we’ve gotten to know you intimately and more importantly, your ideal customer.

This allows us to craft a custom, problem solving focused plan of action that sees your customers find and transact with you with minimal effort on their part.

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This step involves us enacting our plan and stepping out the phases to help you build the ‘all-important’ trust with your customer, which allows them to feel comfortable in purchasing from you or using your service/platform.

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After the custom plan of action has been implemented, we track the impact of these changes across your business, reporting back to you in not some arbitrary numbers, but giving you real statistics that match the revenue that is in your bank account.


We’re all about improving your business to benefit your customers.
This means we stay on the front lines of the latest market trends and will propose alternative methods of action, should it be needed for your business.

Got questions on how we can help?

Who We Work With

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Deborah Asante

Need help with Ecommerce, Websites or SEO?

From fixing WordPress issues, technical training & web hosting, right through to on demand support – we have your business covered.

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No client stands alone.

The solutions we’ve provided to over 100’s of businesses re-affirm
that you’re not alone in this

Together as a collaborative team set out on a long-term journey,
we’ll work to achieve what is best for your ideal customer,
because what is best for your customer,
is what is best for your bank account.

Here’s how we have assisted other businesses
like yours over the past 15 years.

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Have you been burnt by another agency/firm?

We hear you loud and clear. In fact, a great percentage of our clients have come to us after being burnt by one of our ‘competitors’ 

We know the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” so here is some feedback from our some of our long-term clients.

In fact, you can personally reach out to any client we feature on our website for direct feedback on how we have helped them go from strength to strength.

thomas sparks

Thomas Sparks

Infinity22, Hong Kong

Excellent Service from Lemon Squeezy!
The team are definitely the best.
Highly recommend.

esther kwaku

Esther Kwaku

Nerve Network, UK

LS-D has a super sensory flair for getting the job done! They have a jawdropping knack for seeing new solutions and ideas.

Screen Shot 2564 02 22 at 17.31.24

Lynda Ford

Enterprising Partnerships, Australia

Any question I have or help I need is responded to very quickly, often with the problems with my sites fixed while we are on the phone discussing the problem! 

I highly recommend LS-D as they have helped me quickly, professionally and for a very reasonable price.


Sharon Joyner

Chilli Blu, Phuket

From our initial chat, LS-D put my mind at ease. The team explained / answered my questions in terms I could understand & never once did I feel out of my depth.

The support & service has been outstanding & I can not recommend Lemon Squeezy Digital highly enough. 


Heard enough yet?

Leman Lean@x

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