Livestreaming as a Service

Looking at Livestreaming for your business? 

Livestreaming is become one of the fast-growing digital marketing methods that will help you build brand awareness and trust with your audience and getting you closer to a real life event experience when they are not possible.

Phee Baa Band – Live at Speakerbox Bangkok for the True Blue Jazz Festival

Captured by the Lemon Squeezy Digital Team with our Livestream #3 Package!

Livestreams are one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed by new and existing customers!

You can choose from one of our livestream services that aligns with your budget and requirements, allowing you display the work you want at any level!

Whether you require an entire crew or simply someone to hold the camera and mix, we’ve got you covered, from head to toe!

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How Livestreaming Can Benefit Your Business?


Create Live Conversations

Increase Orders / Sales

Find new Customers


Gain feedback from audience

Build trust with your audience

Leman, standing with a green backpack pointing upwards with their left hand

Looking to start livestreaming?
Read our free guide before you get started!

The Ultimate Guide to
Livestreaming for

Leman, standing with a green backpack pointing upwards with their left hand

Your audience should receive your work at its finest, live and in HD.

It is proven that up to 30% of viewers will attend a physical event after watching the brand’s live-streamed event, making this a brilliant tool for reaching your inactive members.

Live-streaming also boosts your reach in terms of both attendees and speakers. You can reach attendees in faraway places who don’t have the time or budget to attend in person, and you have the opportunity to draw from a larger pool of viewers.

Raise your bottom line by booking a live-streaming session with us, today!


All livestream packages cater for 1 hour maximum of ‘livestreaming’ + 1 hour for our team to bump in / bump out.
If you require a longer stream please advise our team. Additional Fees apply.
Additional Destinations = 500THB per destination.
LS-D Provided Internet = 1,000THB per stream.
Studio Hire Fee inlcusion capped at 1,000THB per hour.
Custom Graphics are quoted based on scope of work.
Additional Cameras, Lighting & Audio are quoted seperately. 

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